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Favourite Niche Museums in the World

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, will know that I absolutely love a Twitter Poll...

I try to be as creative as possible, as I love the engagement with people and to get thoughts of as many people as possible. I've even done fully-fledged brackets, to decide Europe's favourite airline... that was good fun!

And then yesterday, I was browsing Twitter and noted that someone had visited a museum on their travels... it got me thinking of all the weird and wonderful museums I've seen, but have never been in...

So what was the most niche museum people have been in?

The responses have been GREAT!

The Fries Museum in Bruges -

The Rubber Chicken Museum in Seattle -

The Home of JOB Cigarette Papers in Perpignan -

The Museum of Clean in Pocatello -

And we can't not mention the Penis Museum, well - technically it's called the The Icelandic Phallological Museum, in Reykjavik -

Link to the Twitter thread here -

I'm definitely going to have to put a few of these on my to-d0 list when gallivanting around the world!

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