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Feeling Hungry in Hvar? Look No Further Than Lola Street Bar

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hvar is a romantic, beautiful and massively underrated Croatian island, nestled away in the Adriatic - with its 13th century walls, a fort overlooking the harbour, and crystal-clear waters a stones throw away, it needs to go on the list for those wanting a few days away...

Hvar also has a lively and bustling nightlife - as large yachts dock for the night - the bars come to life. From live jazz music to booming house music, there's a bar for nearly everyone.

Regardless of where we choose to have our breaks, there's one thing we all need... and that, is food!

It would be a sin to not indulge in the fresh seafood, thrown onto a grill minutes after coming off a boat returning from its morning expedition. And I can't form an argument against seafood for every single meal...

The good news, is for those wanting something a little bit different - Hvar has it. And what it has, is Lola Street Bar.

Up a few stone stairs from the water's edge - round a corner, down an alleyway - is a restaurant come bar that in many ways, sticks out from the traditional Mediterranean restaurants dotted around town.

With the bar opening at 18:00 every evening, it not only caters to those wanting to fill themselves with a gastronomic treat - but also to those wanting to cool down from the heat, and start their night off on the right note.

The staff are friendly, the vibe is just perfect, and as you can see in the picture below - the food is amazing.

For us, we started off with a round of cocktails - as we decided what have. We were not prepared for the size of the dishes (not that we were complaining).

We decided on:

- Spare Ribs & Coleslaw Salad

- Steam Buns with Pulled Pork

- Arancini

As we sat there on the stool, with a sea breeze cooling us down in tandem with a now nearly empty cocktail, we systematically worked our way through the meal - and sat back with a feeling of immense satisfaction.

It was time for us to head off to another venue for some wine and live music, but the waiters were keen for us to try a complimentary shot of honey-infused vodka with chilli...

I'm glad there was enough melted ice-cubes in my glass to wash that down...

If you are in Hvar, and want a unique and enjoyable dining experience - Lola Bar is the place for you...

I know I'll be back

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