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Getting Engaged in South Africa

I'm going to let the the video do most of the talking here, but for reference;

- I was born in the UK

- Moved to South Africa at age 6

- Lived in South Africa for 18 years

- Visit at least once a year

I took my, now fiancee, girlfriend at the time to South Africa for a Christmas holiday. We'd recently bought our first house together (we moved in less than 2 weeks before this trip) and I totally downplayed the whole marriage thing by saying 'we need to save money', and 'it's been an expensive and busy year so far' etc etc...

Meanwhile I'd planned a romantic 5 days on safari, where I proposed, and then went to Cape Town and another game reserve for the rest of the trip.

The proposal was not filmed, but I've put together a video that sums up our trip and why I'm madly in love with Africa as a continent.

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