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I Took My 83 Year-Old Grandad to Las Vegas...

I travel to the USA at least once a year, for my company's Sales Kick Off in Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a great week, tiring, but great! Normally, I fly in and out - and try to take the most direct route possible.

2019 was slightly different...

My grandparents had been living in Cyprus for the last 20 years - enjoying retirement and a much more pleasant climate. They decided to move back to the UK, to be closer to family - and it was a great bonus to spend more time with them. An off-the-cuff remark by me, then led to my 84 year old grandfather joining me on this trip... He'd never been to America before, so where better to go than the city that never sleeps, and Sin City?

For the first week, my fiancee joined us in New York and then returned to the UK for work commitments, at which time Trevor (83) and I jetted off for 7 nights in Las Vegas.

The below video shows the highlights of the trip, and I've decided not to write up an extensive trip report, but instead highlight some key features.

New York City:

Accommodation: AirBnb, Brooklyn, NYC

Nights: 5

Guests: 3

Price: £1041.00

Savings vs Manhattan Hotel = > £1000.00

The final night in NYC, was an #avGeek dream! We stayed at the TWA Hotel, at JFK.

Below are a selection of my favourite pics from the hotel - it's a bit pricey, but I thought it was 100% worth it.

Next stop.... Vegas!

Hotel: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Cost: N/A - company paid

View: Strip View, Bellagio Fountains

Nights: 7

A true highlight was the helicopter ride from McCarran International Airport, into the Grand Canyon! Having never been on a helicopter before, nor had my grandfather, it was genuinely one of the top 5 things I've ever done!

I'm hoping that you enjoy the video at the top of the post, and I'm hoping to write in more depth about the entire trip - but I was keen to get this out!

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