• egsharod

The New Normal of Travel

Having seen a fair few of my Twitter connections travel throughout the last few months, I knew what to expect when travelling myself - but overall, I was pleasantly surprised by how well organised it all was, how well passengers adhered to guidelines, and there were some things that I would keep going forward...

So, what did I like?

- Disembarking row by row, as opposed to the free-for-all that tends to happen as soon as the seatbelt signs have turned off

- Cleanliness of planes; the airlines have improved and enhanced the cleaning processes and frequencies onboard, as well as between flights. The cabin crew worked exceptionally hard throughout the flight to clean the common areas such as bathrooms

- The collective sense of 'we're all in this together'; there was a feeling among passengers that we were all lucky and privileged to have a trip abroad in the crazy world that 2020 is, and the vast majority of passengers adhered to rules and guidelines

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