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TWA Hotel - an #AvGeek 's dream

In August 2019, I needed to get an early morning flight from JFK to Las Vegas, via Chicago - which meant, in a bid to avoid the notorious traffic jams from Manhattan to the airport, I needed to find an airport hotel.

There are the obvious choices, such as Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn. All fine for a night, and convenient for a red-eye out of JFK. But, as an AVGeek, I had my eye on something else...

The TWA Hotel - which takes up, and has been added on, to the old TWA Terminal at JFK, which now sits proudly behind Terminal 5 - home of Jet Blue.

The privilege of staying here is not cheap, and I can't imagine many guests stay for more than 1 night - as I did - but for a novelty experience, I would say money well spent.

Planespotting across the tarmac of JFK, from a heated pool with a cocktail in hand is very much a unique experience, and settling in for the night with a nightcap at the Connie - a 60 year old Lockheed Super-G Constellation, is not something that can be done in many places.

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